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This is the LANDisk project page. LANDisk is a serverless network filesystem with a twist -- it can aggregate the disparate space on a network into one (or many) logical block devices. The LANDisk project consists of two components: The backing device which is a LAN Block Device, and a special filesystem, the LAN File System, on top of it to support multiple writers safely. LANDisk has several advantages over other network file systems:
  • It can aggregate disk space from many machines.
  • Serverless -- no Single Point of Failure/Success.
  • Global cache improves speed and reliability for common data blocks.
  • Writes are done through cache so writing is local-disk speed.
  • Built-in redundancy is possible.
  • Only basic configuration requirements, but advanced configurations are possible.
  • Inexpensive.
The LANDisk software is a proprietary work for Keene Enterprises, for licensing information see the "Licenses" page.
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